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Product snippets are receiving errors from Google Search Console.

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Google has showed a “logging blunders” that affected the product snippets reporting inside the Google Search Console performance file. The problem passed off among May 15, 2024 until May 27, 2024 and ended in an increase in clicks and impressions for the Product snippet search appearance type in the seek overall performance report and impressions overlay in the product snippet rich end result file.

This is just a reporting difficulty and has no effect and real Google Search ratings.

More info. A week in the past, we observed a peculiar spike in impressions and clicks for product snippets. Some thought it is probably associated with AI Overviews, but John Mueller from Google stated it’s miles not likely related to that.

The parents right here are looking into the details of this, and it does look like a worm on our aspect in Search Console reporting (and FWIW it doesn’t seem to be associated with AI Overviews at all, but I can see how that might be tempting). Once we understand more (and preferably have fixed it), we’ll likely add an annotation in Search Console & an access inside the facts anomalies page.


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